Corporate Governance

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QuestEx Mandate and Policy Documents

QuestEx Core Principles and Values -Nov 19, 2019

QuestEx Code of Business Ethics and Conduct -Feb 27, 2020

QuestEx Board Mandate -Nov 19, 2019

QuestEx Corporate Governance and Nominating Committee Mandate -Nov 19, 2019

QuestEx Audit Committee Mandate- Under Review -Jan 17, 2020

QuestEx Compensation Committee Mandate -Nov 19, 2019

QuestEx Compensation Policy -Feb 27, 2020

QuestEx Whistleblower Policy -Nov 19, 2019

QuestEx Environmental, Social, Health and Safety and Community Policy -Nov 19, 2019

QuestEx Anti Corruption Policy -Feb 27, 2020

QuestEx Business Continuity Policy -Feb 27, 2020

QuestEx Corporate Disclosure and Insider Trading Policy -Feb 27, 2020

QuestEx Shareholder Rights Summary -Feb 27, 2020

QuestEx Social Media and Cybersecurity Policy -Feb 28, 2020

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